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15 Things To Do In And Around Niagara Falls

And no, looking at the Falls isn't one of them.
Niagara falls, Ontario, Canada
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Niagara falls, Ontario, Canada

The beauty of Niagara Falls is definitely getting lost in its powerful waters but, if you're planning a trip to see this natural wonder anytime soon, make sure you pencil in some time for the city's other offerings too.

Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake (a 25-minute drive from the Falls) has everything from fancy wine estates to cheesy Vegas-style museums to top-notch hotels with dining and casinos. But one of our favourite attractions in the city is all of its greenery.

Surrounded by gardens and lakes, Niagara Falls offers everything from fishing to trails to boat tours in and around the majestic Falls. And if you're spending time on the Lake, well, that's just another city escape altogether.

(Bed and Breakfast and Bedham Hall in Niagara Falls. Photo: Onasill ~ Bill Badzo/Flickr)

If you live in Ontario or close to the area, the idea of spending vacation at the Falls isn't always a top choice, but as a recent Google Canada travel report shows, Niagara Falls is the trendiest city for Canadians related to search — this could have something to do with our dollar or the fact the city tends to be a popular spot for honeymoons.

Below, we've rounded up 15 great things to do in and around Niagara Falls whether you're travelling with the whole clan or spending a weekend away with your best friends.

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15 Great Things To Do In Niagara Falls

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