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18 Signs You've Clearly Backpacked In Europe

18 Signs You've Clearly Backpacked In Europe
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If you scoff at people who need to check-in full size luggage at the airport, and your “throwback Thursday” pictures on Instagram are always you in front of the Eiffel Tower or Buckingham Palace – chances are you’ve backpacked through Europe.

The post-graduation Euro trip has become a rite of passage for most young adults. Once they’ve got that diploma in hand, Europe is always the next logical step. Some will go for a few weeks, others the entire summer, or spend an entire victory lap hopping from city to city.

This trip was a big deal for you. It was probably your first major trip without your parents, and your first time staying in a hostel because you were also on a tight budget – and by on a tight budget, we mean you were broke. Scratch that, you were very broke and Europe was very expensive so you learned quickly that paying to check in luggage was out of the question, and taking cabs anywhere was completely unnecessary.

Nonetheless, it was still one of the greatest trips of your life. As a result, you've walked away with these 15 badges of honour, these sure-fire signs that you’ve definitely backpacked through Europe (at least once).

You Can Fit All Your Liquid Toiletries Into 100ml Containers And Into A 1L Clear Bag
You knew those Tetris skills would pay off one day.
You Love Saying Hello In Any Language (Other Than English) So You Sound Like A Local
Well, you try to at least.
You Can Fit Your Entire Life Into One Bag – No Matter How Heavy It Is
Travelling with it is a different story...
You Don’t Understand What People Pack In Full-Sized Luggage
This Is Your Reaction When Someone Says You Should Take A Taxi From The Airport
... because there’s always an airport train for a fraction of the cost.
Simple Luxuries Like Hot Water And Stocked Toilet Paper Make You Uncontrollably Happy
You're Really Familiar With Bunk Beds
You Have At Least One Of These Pictures
Abbey Road: The Beatles did it and so must you
Nikki Gill
The Eiffel Tower: What's a trip to Paris without a photo of this? A lie.
A London Phone Booth: Or as the locals call it, a "telly".
When You Find Out Your Hostel Doesn’t Have Wi-Fi...
Strangers Become Your Best Friends In One Night
And You Can Totally Be Yourself Around Them Instantly
You Can Get Dressed Without Ever Showing Any Skin And Without Making A Sound
You're pretty much a ninja.
Finding Out How Much One Night In A Hotel Costs Kills You On The Inside
Oh my, that's a lot of digits.
You Always Have Maple Leaf Paraphernalia To Identify Yourself As Canadian

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