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20 Reasons To Travel In Your 20s, As Explained By GIFs

20 Reasons To Travel During Your 20s
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If you’ve heard you should travel while you’re young, it’s because the time to see the world is in your 20s. They’re a time where you can take advantage of your youth, soak up new experiences and take off on spontaneous adventures. Your 20s are one of the only times you’ll be old enough to make independent decisions and young enough to pick up and go whenever.

Extended travel can cost a pretty penny, but it’s well worth every cent. Sure, you might incur a little debt in the process but that can’t compare to those pangs of regret from not exploring the world.

Borders can’t be crossed and explored if you’re staying at home. Getting to know interesting people and indulging in different cultures will alter your attitudes and perspectives. So step out of your comfort zone, test your limits and you might just learn a lesson that’ll shape the rest of your life.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 20 reasons why you should travel in your 20s:

Nothing Major Is Holding You Back
No mortgage, no kids, no huge assets. This won’t last for long.
2. You Can Do It For Cheap
Staying in hostels won’t be fun once you get older and actually need sleep.
You Can Get The Craziness Out Of Your System
It’s either now or later when you're living with 20+ cats.
If You Don’t Travel, Your Friends Will And Their Pictures Will Make You Jealous
Very. Jealous.
You Will Never Look Better In A Bathing Suit
A fit physique won’t come easy once you start ageing.
You Can Give Back
Volunteering takes time that you might not have later.
You Have The Rest Of Your Life To Work And Stress
No need to rush. Jobs will come one way or the other.
You Will Make Friends From All Over The World
This expands your social networks and gives you places to stay during future travels.
You Have Enough Energy To Party Until The Sun Comes Up
If you don’t now, you never will.
You Can Have A Foreign Fling
Just like in the movies.
International Experience Looks Good On Your Resume
Companies want to hire people who have worked or studied abroad.
You Can Stop Living Through Other People’s Experiences And Have Your Own
Computer screens reflect little of what the world has to offer.
Your Metabolism Won’t Get Any Faster
So take advantage of it and eat all the foreign food you want!
You'll Receive An Education That You Never Did In School
There’s nothing like putting faces to the places you read about.
You Will Experience Freedom At Its Finest
If there’s any time to embrace your free spirit, it’s in your 20s.
You Will Have Deeper Conversations
Celebrity gossip and sports games won’t be the only things you talk about.
If You Don’t Travel, You Could Have A Quarter-Life Crisis
The fear of missing out sucks.
You Can Disconnect From Social Media
Putting your phone down and talking to people, face to face, would do you good.
You Will Learn A Lot About Yourself
Getting away from your regular routine helps you figure out what you want.
You Will Only Be Young Once
Travel while you can.

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