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Food and drinks for the win!

Wedding favours — should you give them or skip them altogether?

On one hand, you want to send your guests home with a small gift that says "thanks," but you don't want to give a gift that ends up collecting dust.

To help you save a few dollars, most of these ideas below are DIYs, and the ones that aren't can be ordered in bulk for additional discounts. In 2015, the average couples spent on wedding favours was $251, according to Wedding Stats.

While the best wedding favours are things guests can use and enjoy, it's always a good idea to choose an item that means something to you as a couple, as well as something that matches your theme.

If you're still stressing over wedding favours, the experts at say the custom is more of a nice thing to have than a necessity.

We've rounded up 26 wedding favour ideas that are sure to impress your guests. From hangover kits to handmade soaps, these giveaways will actually be used instead of thrown away.

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