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28 Simple And Delicious Crepe Recipes

They're way easier to make than you think.

Between Nutella day today and Pancake Tuesday next week — oh yes, and Valentine's Day coming up next weekend — we think it's only fitting to serve up some crepe recipes this weekend.

In the slideshow below, we list 28 mouthwatering crepe recipes that are perfect for brunch — including the classic Nutella crepe combination that also doubles as dessert. From cappuccino crepes to kale crepes, you'll find the perfect blend of sweet and savoury ideas.

Making crepes from scratch sounds a lot more intimidating than it actually is. Think of it like a runny pancake: all you need it flour, water, milk, eggs, salt and butter. Or you can try making the two-ingredient crepes in the video above.

No matter which batter you choose to recreate, the secret to a good crepe is letting the batter rest before you start cooking it. According to the experts at The Kitchn, letting batters rest before cooking allows the starch from the flour to be absorbed, resulting in thinner, more uniform crepes.

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