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30 Things Vegans And Vegetarians Don't Want To Hear Anymore
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For anyone who follows a vegan or vegetarian diet, there's nothing more exhausting and repetitive than explaining to others why you eat what you eat.

We all know vegetarian and vegan lifestyles have plenty of health benefits -- studies show vegetarians have healthier diets, better sex and are generally happier people.

Compared to their meat-eating counterparts, studies also show people who have plant-based diets lower their risk of heart disease, high blood sugar and generally just live longer, according to Time. Scientists are now even arguing that by 2050, people will have to become vegetarians because of food shortages.

For the majority of people who choose not to eat meat and its by-products because of religious, dietary or other reasons, they aren't looking to convert you to their way of eating. And while defending or debating eating meat is almost pointless, it's a conversation people generally don't like to have. While both non-meat eaters and meat eaters understand lean meats like turkey or cooked lentils both have health benefits for our bodies, the issue becomes a moral one — something vegetarians/vegans hate explaining the most.

Then there are comments that are just annoying. Questioning a person's protein intake or whether they're a "real" vegetarian gets a little awkward in everyday discussion. We asked readers across the country the most common questions they get asked about their diets and the comebacks they sometimes wish they could say back.

While some of these responses may come off as a bit blunt or mean, vegans and vegetarians (along with meat-eaters) basically want the same thing: They want to enjoy the foods they cook and eat, without being questioned or judged about why they eat it.

Have something you're dying to say? Leave it in the comments below and we'll add it to our slideshow. Here are 30 things that drive vegans and vegetarian absolutely crazy.


30 Things Vegans/Vegetarians Are Tired Of Hearing

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