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34 Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '80s

34 Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '80s

Vancouver may now be a sophisticated city of soaring glass towers with sushi restaurants on every corner, but let's not forget there was a simpler time. A time when SeaBuses were orange, Science World wasn’t a world yet, and something called Expo 86 defined the city.

If you grew up in Vancouver in the ‘80s, this list is for you:

You tried to phone into Switchback on Sunday mornings.
Expo Ernie was a rock star.
You went to see 21 Jump Street being filmed...
... and would have died if you caught a glimpse of Johnny Depp.Credit: Fanpop
You thought Penhall was cuter than Hanson.
Credit: Fanpop
The whole city stood still for this:
Birthday parties at the Burnaby Chuck E. Cheese were great...
... even though you dropped $5 at skee ball and all you won was a lousy rubber snake.Credit: The Atlantic
OK, birthday parties at the McDonald's caboose were also awesome.
You know who Finna, Bjossa and Hyak are.
You spent Boxing Day at A&B Sound...
... and nearly got into a fight with someone over the last Sony Walkman priced at $29.99.
You think "The Steamer" is a perfectly acceptable and not at all hilarious nickname for someone.
Credit: Vancouver Canucks
You went to Playland to visit with Garfield.
There was no Science World. Just the Arts, Sciences and Technology Centre in a Granville Street basement
This was pure elation.
The only radio station worth listening to was LG73.
The Bow Mac sign indicated where cars were sold, not toys.
You actually went to the Expo that the Expo Line is named after.
You used paper bus transfers.
You knew Bryan Adams...
Well, you knew an older brother who had a friend who knew a guy who had a cousin who went to school with Bryan Adams.
You know why Canucks' fans wave white towels.
Credit: Vancouver Canucks
You visited polar bears at the Stanley Park Zoo.
SeaBuses were orange.
This was the most magical place on earth.
You spent a lot of time lining up to do this, over and over again.
You showed off stamps in your Expo '86 passport.
You stood outside Woodward's to see the Christmas windows.
With a bursting heart, you watched Rick Hansen come home.
You know Sook-Yin Lee from alt-rock band Bob's Your Uncle
You got dragged to $1.49 days at Woodwards
Photo: Museum of Vancouver
The main public library was for studying, not buying lingerie.
It also smelled funny.Photo: Vancouver Heritage Foundation
The best road trip was to Bedrock City in Chilliwack
Superdogs at the PNE were actually super
You cheered for the Vancouver 86ers
Cactus Club was a fancy night out.
Photo: Cactus Club
Identifying parts of Vancouver in "MacGyver" was a fun game

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