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460,000 Sexual Assaults In Canada Every Year: YWCA Canada

The Shocking Number Of Sexual Assaults In Canada Every Year

460,000. It's an alarming number that encompasses several statistics about the reality of sexual assault in Canada.

Following the sexual abuse allegations against former CBC employee Jian Ghomeshi, which now has eight women who allege assault or harassment from the former "Q" host, women's service organization YWCA Canada released this infographic on Tuesday, focusing on the legal aspect of violence against women.

According to the graphic, 33 out of every 1,000 sexual assault cases are reported to the police, and 29 are recorded as a crime. While these numbers speak volumes about how many assailants walk free, and why women may be afraid to press charges up against their abusers, the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres adds sexual assault is also a difficult crime to prove — there are rarely any witnesses and not always physical evidence.

Take a full look at the numbers below, and if you or anyone you know is experiencing sexual assault of any kind, please contact any of these local rape crisis and support centres across the country.

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