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5 Types Of Makeup Brushes You Need To Adopt Into Your Daily Beauty Routine

*Heads straight to the mall*

You love makeup (we do too). But sometimes it confuses the hell out of you (and us). Especially when it comes to makeup brushes, because lets face it, there are, like, hundreds of makeup brushes on the market and you have no idea which each one is actually used for. That's why you probably use your fingers to apply your makeup right? Don't lie to us.

We feel your frustration.

But not to worry, we get it. When it comes to brushes, there is A LOT to learn.

So lucky you! In the video above, SELF outlines the five brushes you NEED in your makeup kit, what their main function is and how to use them (so promise us you won't be using your fingers anymore guys ... because, you know, bacteria).

So get your credit cards ready and call that Uber to take you straight to Sephora, because here is what you need:

Sephora Collection Classic Crease Shadow Brush #73, $20. Available at

A small, fluffy brush essential for blending in your shadow.

MAC 266SH small angle brush, $24. Available at

Not only can you use it to define your brows, but you can also apply eyeliner with it.

Charlotte Tilbury foundation brush, $48. Available at

Once you've applied your concealer and foundation, this brush will allow you to buffer the product into your skin.

Tweezerman blush brush, $28.99. Available at

When applying blush with this domed brush, hit the apples of your cheeks. And don't worry, you can also apply your bronzer with this brush too — it's perfect for hitting cheeks, jawlines and temples.

Laura Mercier fan powder brush, $35. Available at

Want that on-fleek highlight? Then you'll need a fan brush. It's the tool you need to bring shine to your cheekbones, forehead and nose.

For more on makeup brushes, see the slideshow below!

Concealer Brush

Beauty Tips: 10 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own

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