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5 Ways to Beat Dry Skin this Winter

5 Ways to Beat Dry Skin this Winter

It's wintertime, and for many, that can mean the onset of dry, cracked and chapped skin and an endless quest to quench that skin's thirst and get comfortable again. But there are ways to get through this season of driving winds and chilly temps. In partnership with Eucerin Complete Repair™, we offer you some simple solutions to improve skin's moisture and make it through the winter season with soft, supple skin.

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Cover up to protect from those whipping winds

Getting out in the crisp air in winter is important for your health. But doing so can have some harsh consequences for your epidermis if you don't shield it from the nippy weather. Hats, mitts and scarves are a must. Gloves or mitts are especially essential to protect the skin on your hands – which are already one of your most-used and exposed body parts— from chapping or cracking in the harsh environment. Experts recommend natural, breathable fabrics, such as Merino wool or silk which will help skin breathe in the frigid air.

Many people are also turning to clothing made out of natural materials including bamboo and hemp, or a blend of natural and synthetic materials. Additionally, dress in layers so that you can shed clothing if you get too hot while skating or snowshoeing. Layers can prevent excess perspiration, which can cause skin to dry out even more.

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Use readily available and affordable gadgets

Keeping warm and cozy in the winter means you might be inching the dial up on that thermostat or running a wood or gas fireplace. But increasing the heat inside your home can also reduce your indoor moisture. To combat the dehydrated air, run a in your room while you sleep, which will add some dampness to your skin and mucous. Run it at no more than 60 per cent humidity. Any higher and you risk the chance of mould and other organisms contaminating the air.

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Soothe your dry skin with quality skincare products and ingredients

The best way to address dry skin in winter is to deal with it before it gets to the chapping or cracking stage. But choosing good moisturizer can help turn things around. Pick up fragrance-free, clinically proven products such as Eucerin Complete Repair™ lotion, which contains ingredients including Ceramide-3, Urea and Gluco-Glycerol. A moisturizer can relieve flaky or dry itchy feeling and keep skin supple, ensuring that you are replenishing the skin's moisture barrier to prevent problems before they start.

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Try natural dry skin remedies that are available right in your own home

Go no further than the fridge to solve dry skin problems! Milk can be poured onto a washcloth and applied to a dry patch of skin for several minutes. That will do wonders to soothe and protect dry skin. Lactic acid in milk is a type of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which acts as an exfoliator.

Cleopatra was said to have taken luxurious milk baths – you can too! A cup or two in a warm bath can soften skin. Another great skin soother is Aloe vera. If you've got an Aloe vera plant, chop a piece off and apply the "juice" straight onto skin. Its dry skin healing and protective properties are miraculous.

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Prevent the sun's rays from damaging your skin (yes, even in winter)

While it seems tempting to skip sunscreen in the winter, because you may not be seeing much actual sun, the bright, reflective surface of snow can actually intensify the effects of UVB rays – and that can cause sunburn and aging of the skin, not to mention a risk of skin cancer. As well, skin-aging UVA rays are just as present in winter as summer, even on cloudy days. Make sure to select a broad-spectrum SPF that will protect you from sunburn.

Despite winter's sometimes harsh climate, there are many straightforward solutions to prevent you from suffering from dry skin. Eucerin Complete Repair™ should be one of the numerous items in your toolkit to combat skin dryness this winter.

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