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Communication is key.

In the weeks leading up to and following the holidays, many couples call it quits.

But contrary to popular belief, it's not just expenses that cause couples to pull the plug on their relationship around the holidays. In the video above, we list six of the most common reasons couples fight during the festive season. From differences in traditions to stress caused by too many party invites and of course conflicts with the in-laws, there are many factors that can lead to arguments — the trick is putting an end to them before they cause a real rift.

In 2011, a British study found 20 per cent of couples considered breaking up before Christmas.

Some breakups are unavoidable, but if the holidays are the main reason you're thinking of giving up don't give in — good communication and compromise can help curb most arguments. For more tips on surviving the holidays as a couple, check out these helpful tips.

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