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7 Activities To Do As A Family This Summer

After a long winter and months of staying indoors, it's time to have some safe outdoor summer fun.

Are the kids getting restless? Are your teens looking for adventure? Summer is the perfect season to take advantage Quebec’s beautiful outdoors for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, or some good old-fashioned family fun time.

Since the simplest activities are often the most popular, Babybel is proposing seven ways to make the most of the summer as a family or with a close-knit group of friends.

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Go On A Hike

Ready for a hike? With over 11,000 kilometres of marked trails, Quebec is a hiking paradise. Walking as a family or in a group is not only safer, but it’s also more motivating. We recommend starting off with a half-day hike on easy terrain to make sure the kids have a good time and come home happy.

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Try Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding has become quite popular, and it’s actually surprisingly child-friendly. At only 3 years old, kids can sit on their parents’ board and enjoy being rocked by the movement of the water. Older children between the ages of 7 and 9 can start paddling their own boards. The boards themselves are easy to carry around and travel with, making them a beach trip essential!

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Set Up A Picnic By The Lake

Kids will never say no to a picnic! Especially when it’s by a lake or river. They’ll be able to eat their snack while watching the ducks, the waves, and the landscape. After having some food, use the opportunity to take a walk along the shore or to build a few sand castles.

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Fly A Kite

Too windy for a picnic? Time to pull out a kite! Parks, beaches, and fields are perfect places to fly one. Before letting out the line, use your phone to check the wind speed: moderate wind is ideal for little beginners who are learning to fly a triangular or diamond-shaped kite on their own.

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Knock Off The Kilometres By Bike

Do your teens have energy to burn? Get them pedaling! You can discover Quebec’s landscapes by bike, and the Route Verte has been named one of the best cycling destinations in the world by National Geographic. It crisscrosses the province and is perfect for cyclists of all ages who want to tick off the kilometres on pavement or on trails.

Family and friends reading together
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Family and friends reading together

Organize A Book Club In The Park

“What have you been reading lately?” “Which comic books are you into?” Book clubs are becoming more and more popular, giving kids a space to develop their enjoyment of reading, share their latest favourite books, broaden their horizons, and spend time outdoors with other kids their age. Bonus: kids can trade books they’ve already read for new ones to dive into!

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Explore The Forest

Are your kids bored of walking? Turn it into a woodland exploration adventure! Before leaving, prepare a short activity so they can identify different animal and plant species along the way. Teens can even compete to see who can make the best Instagram stories, or use it as a topic for TikTok. They’ll be walking without even realizing it!

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