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8 Of The Cheapest Destinations For Canadians This Winter

Imagine spending Christmas under the sun!

You could spend the holidays at home or, if you're up for it, be a little more adventurous this year and go travel.

Now, travelling during the holiday season isn't cheap, especially if you're a beach bum who loves resorts. But it turns out for Canadians, and yes, even with our dollar, there are certain travel destinations still worth it.

Airlines like NewLeaf travel offer low fares from smaller Canadian cities like Hamilton, Ont., to cities like Kelowna, B.C. Some destinations, like Iceland for example, often have low fares all season long.

"Canadians living on one side of the country can finally spend the holidays with family members living on the other side with much [more] affordable prices," says Rishi Modi of Toronto-based travel deal site Next Departure.

Below, Modi tells us some of the cheapest destinations for Canadians in December and January from major departure cities like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

And with flights at a low price, you can spend that extra money on finding a cool hotel, checking out local hot spots or just buying some gifts for the loved ones you're visiting. Bon voyage!

Cheap Winter Getaways For Canadians

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