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8 Tips For Improving Self-Motivation And Productivity

Say So Long To Procrastination
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Are you in the habit of putting everything off until tomorrow... or the day after that? You're certainly not alone. Everyone needs strategies to help them get the most out of the workday. In partnership with Brother Canada, here are eight tips to help you go from procrastination to concentration.

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Have a plan

There is nothing quite as motivating as making a list (daily, weekly, monthly) of things to be done. Once you've seen it in writing, each task becomes more concrete and easier to organize. In fact, the next time you feel like putting something off until later, make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of making that decision. Most likely, it will inspire you to get the job done.

Be realistic

No one can change a habit overnight; it takes time and effort. The best way to succeed is to give yourself simple and realistic goals. It's better to have a string of small victories instead of an overly dramatic one that puts your work (or life) into a rhythm you can't keep up with.

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Set time limits

Set specific times of day to check your messages, scroll through social media, or work on a project you really love. Time-conscious strategies like these allow you to give yourself limits — and rewards — that will increase your productivity.

Play tricks on yourself

Shorten your to-do list so that you can cross off every task at the end of the day. Or add a few things you've already completed to the top of your list, and then check them off. Playing these types of tricks on yourself will help you stay productive and feel accomplished.

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Make room for rewards

Did you get everything done that you needed to without putting a single thing off? Give yourself a little pat on the back and reward yourself with a movie, dinner out or a night with friends. The main thing is you enjoy yourself; It's important to celebrate your procrastination-free accomplishments.

Rely on support

There's nothing quite like feeling the support of those we love. Talk to your friends about your goals, ask them to help you stay motivated and remind you not to give up. This type of influence, accountability and positive reinforcement is a precious resource.

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Get to work

The best way to be motivated is to get to work. Set yourself up comfortably and organize your workspace with everything you need, including a Brother printer, to create an environment that is conducive to productivity. Start with simple tasks. Giving yourself a time limit to complete each one can be an additional source of motivation.

Forget multitasking

Avoid trying to do everything at once. Instead, focus in on one task or project, to maximize your concentration. An uncluttered mind can get more done.

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