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9/11 Memories: What You Remember Of That Day In 2001

Like the moon landing and the assassination of U.S. president John F. Kennedy, the September 11, 2001, terror attacks on the United States left an indelible impression on people the world over. Most people can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when the Twin Towers fell that morning. Most can recall the moment a jetliner crashed into the Pentagon and another, destined for Washington, went down in a Pennsylvania.

We asked you to share your memories of that day on our Facebook page. Here are some of your answers.

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Teresa Fitschen: "In the kitchen making breakfast and my ex-husband called to tell me. I ran to turn on the TV and I saw the second building falling down. I fell to my knees in disbelief and cried!"

Mary Beth Brown: "As an American, I would like to thank all the people in Newfoundland, Labrador, and the Maritimes who took in stranded air passengers. Hearing the wonderful tales of hospitality brought much-appreciated, much-needed solace to us all. Thank you, Canadians!"

Rosemary Keutzer: "Going a 150 mph with my hair on fire as per norm. I was pregnant with my first child, running a mayoral campaign for a candidate, while my consulting firm, my husband gone in hunting camp guiding American hunters. My sister was doing her residency in Detroit. Phoned my morning check-in with the candidate to go through our committee’s "to do list". I was probably through my 5th sentence when he interrupted me and asked "Have you turned on the TV yet?" I quickly moved over to turn it on, thinking there was a press conference pertaining to the election. I turned it on to see replays of the first planes' crash and still hearing reports that maybe it was an accident. As we were talking about the tragedy, the second plane hit and we screamed together. I just hung up the phone and tried calling my husband. No answer. I tried calling my sister. No answer. I finally was able to contact my BIL who had run down to the international airport to fly to his wife only to find the doors locked shut. I remember just crying in sheer panic, holding my unborn child, wondering if we were watching the end of the world."

Jason Reinhart: "I was in Sweden at the time get a sole put on a pair of shoes with Maria Lernsten. My boss called me on cellphone and told me there has been an explosion at the world trade center in NY, it was about 3:30 in the afternoon in Sweden. The next few days I didn’t leave from the apartment, just watched CNN world news."

Sofi Pa: "I had spent months training and preparing to host my campus radio show, which made its debut on September 11th, 2001 and ran from 10AM - noon. I had told all of my friends to listen in. The campus radio station vestibules at CFRC were not yet equipped with computers, so I was blissfully unaware of what was happening in the outside world while I blared "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones and other favourites. When my show wrapped up, I went home and cheerfully asked my roommates what they had thought of my show. "We didn't listen..." they said distractedly. They were gathered around the television."

Christie Hill: "not celebrating my 19th bday"

Eddy St. Coeur: "I was at the top of the main staircase in high school and noticed all of the announcement screens switched from the power point news bulletin to a live stream of CNN just before period change."

Brad Bortology: "I was visiting my mom in a long term care hospital just outside of Detroit on 9/11. I remember the hospital calling a Code Orange and they said they were expecting to treat some victims from the towers. Later I remember watching a news report of doctors rushing to Manhattan to set up triages centers in the streets.... But no one came."

Brice Jones: "20 Years Old working inside the fiberglass-covered lift fan on a US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion in preparation for deployment. I worked for another few hours not believing my shipmates, until the Capt. came to have us head home and pack our bags."

Steve Shakeshaft: "I had just started Grade 9 and was at a friend’s house for lunch when his mom brought our attention to the news. Seems like a whole different world ago now..."

Brendan Burke: "I was on Front Street in Brooklyn, watching the buildings melt. I used my recently bought Voicestream cell phone to call my dad, in North Bay, Ontario. I asked him what he thought just happened. Ever the informed misanthrope, he says 'It was this guy Bin Laden. He lives in Afghanistan. He's been threatening this s--t for years. This idiot Bush is never going to catch him. They're going to invade the middle east, and hang Saddam off a meathook for the oil.' "

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