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A Baby Rabbits' Nest Could Be Hiding In That Patch Of Dead Grass On Your Lawn

Always look for this sign before you mow!

An Ontario pest control company posted an adorable video on why you should always check your lawn for spots of dead grass before you mow it.

"[T]he home owner we were working for brought to our attention that he saw the dry grass patch on his front lawn had moved," Jared Houliston of Ontario Wildlife Removal wrote on the company's blog on June 5. "We knew right away that the patch of dried grass was a baby rabbits' nest."

In the attached video, Houliston peels back the top layer of brown grass on a lawn — no bigger than a footprint — to reveal a tiny den filled with baby bunnies.

Houliston says that the rabbit moms usually only stop by once or twice a day with food for their babies, so it likely won't be obvious that the nest is there.

Baby rabbits stay in their nest until they are three-weeks-old, according to the Humane Society. To check if a bunny is orphaned, place some small twigs in a grid over the nest — if you come back and the sticks have been moved, the mom has stopped by to feed her babies.

The company also pointed out that deer keep a similar schedule, so if you spot a fawn, you should likely leave it be.

Hopefully the PSA is keeping plenty of bunnies safe — the video has been seen millions of times on Facebook since it was posted.

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