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A Message To People Complaining About Snow In Toronto (PHOTOS)

A Message To Everyone Complaining About Snow In Toronto

Hello readers!

Just a note that this story was published in 2014. But it's still so relevant. Oh, so very relevant.

Stay warm, Canada.

Dear Toronto,

We realize it's snowing in the Megacity and that this winter has been ever so cold. But please remember that you're not special. In fact, if anything, you're downright lucky. For evidence, please see the photos below.

Sincerely, The Rest of Canada

Check out the size of these snow drifts. Northern Saskatchewan? The Yukon? Nope - Amherstburg by the river.

— Dalson Chen (@WinStarChen) January 29, 2014

WOW. Alberta snow! MT @GlobalCalgary: PHOTO: Deena's back door in Three Hills.

— Jackson Proskow (@JProskowGlobal) December 3, 2013

Snow deep enough to lose the dog or rabbit in the backyard? Send us your photos here...

— CTV Calgary (@CTVCalgary) December 3, 2013

Snow Mountains- A car drives on Saskatchewan Ave in St James dwarfed by massive snow banks nearly 4 m high

— Joe Bryksa (@jbryksa) January 30, 2014

@JimmieJohnson- just a little snow here in Winnipeg manitoba!

— Cheri Jacobson (@cherrycheri_) January 29, 2014

Bikes #fromearlier

A post shared by James Bradley (@jamesbradley1) on

Meanwhile in Cape Breton...

— Dylan Burke (@burkedc) January 13, 2014

Snow banks in newfoundland are taller then my mom.. Oh how I wish I was there 😩

— maddy kelly (@maddykellyyyy) January 2, 2014

You could say New Brunswick got some snow #DudeWheresMyCar#GetYourShovels

— Footey (@JJFootey) January 1, 2014

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