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A New Tradition: Inventing A Holiday Dish For The Ages

Inventing A Holiday Dish For The Ages
The Girls On Bloor

We all know the standard holiday spread, from a stuffed turkey to bowls full of cranberry sauce. But sometimes, you want to create your own tradition untethered to the dietary habits of people from centuries ago. So we’ve invited our contributor network of home chefs to share their own holiday staples that have become a tradition in all of their homes. Maybe they’ll find a way into your spread this year.

The Girls On Bloor
Who said a holiday meal can't be both healthy and hearty? With this delicious twist on the traditional salad, Taylor Stinson and Nathalie Sehgal will have you cleaning your plate and asking for seconds.
Nothing says "holiday meal" quite like...pork fondue?! By combining a traditional sharing meal with an amazing new twist, Wanda Baker intends to have us all rushing for more fondue sticks this winter.
The Lunchbox Season
When it comes to traditional holiday treats, it's hard to beat a Yule Log (or a Bûche de Noël, depending on where you're from). Which is why Roseanne Carrara's chocolate-covered twist on the usual cake is such a delight.
What else can we say about this beautiful thing that Tilley Creary has created? She took a turkey and wrapped it in bacon. We're done here. Make sure to schedule lots of time in the evening for naps and digestion.
Creative Cynchronicity
Who doesn't love a good pierogi? The answer is NO ONE, especially if they get to taste Cynthia Gagen's sweet potato chorizo version. It's an old family recipe with a new twist, and we understand if you just tried licking your screen.
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