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Afghan Star Contestant Salam Maftoon Could Be Justin Trudeau's Twin

The resemblance is uncanny.

If you happened to catch the popular singing competition "Afghan Star" lately, you may have spotted a familiar face.

The TV show, one of the most-watched shows in Afghanistan and currently in its 13th season, features a contestant named Salam Maftoon — and he's a dead ringer for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

An English-language tweet by Aziz Faayez, who works for the U.N. Development Program in Afghanistan, pointed out the uncanny similarities between the two earlier this week.

The similarities haven't gone unnoticed by the Afghan public — according to the Montreal Metro, the country's press has dubbed him both "Salam Trudeau" and "Afghan Trudeau."

Khaama Press, a news agency based in Kabul, reports that Maftoon is a music student who performs in the traditional style of his home province of Badakhshan, in the northeast of Afghanistan.

The paper adds that this isn't the first time an Afghan has gone viral for their resemblance to an international celebrity. In 2014, a young student from Kabul went viral for his uncanny similarities to martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

The Trudeau/Maftoon comparison, though, is pretty mind-blowing. This isn't your run-of-the-mill, passing resemblance kind of juxtaposition. Look at that eyebrow shape! The facial structure! The way the nose tapers off at the bottom! This is a real Vanessa Hudgens-style "Princess Switch" situation.

Do we know for sure, unimpeachably, that Trudeau didn't just want to learn the Dari language and practice his singing? After all, he's already well-known for his dancing. Anything's possible.

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