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This Is How You Build A Dreamliner In Under 3 Minutes (VIDEO TIME-LAPSE)

How long does it take to build a plane?

Weeks? Months? Years?

What if we said three minutes with the help of some video magic?

Boeing, the makers behind the 787 Dreamliner (Air Canada's newest aircraft), has released a behind-the-scenes look at the plane long before it was a reality. The video comes on the same day as Air Canada unveiled its latest plane for members of the media in Canada.

On Sunday, the Montreal-based carrier flew its first Dreamliner on its maiden voyage from its assembly plant near Seattle to Toronto Pearson International Airport where it was greeted with a water cannon salute.

But while all eyes may now be on the plane's new, roomier seats, carbon-fibre construction and fuel-efficient design, there was once a time where the plane was just that: parts of a whole. Check out the three-minute time-lapse of the aircraft above before it takes to the skies.

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