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Airport Food Gets Injected With 'Happy Hormones'

Gatwick Airport wants you to eat (and fly) happy.

London's Gatwick Airport is now offering tired travellers food to help fight fatigue, balance mood swings and, well, just make them happy.

CNN reported the airport teamed up with nutritionist Jo Travers to develop healthy dishes designed to bring a smile to travellers' faces.

"There are certain foods that will help the 'happy' chemicals in your brain to keep flowing," Travers explained.

And anyone who's been to the airport lately knows travellers can use all the cheering up they can get. Between baggage checks, long security lines and flight delays, getting to your dream destination can be an exhausting journey all on its own.

From citrus salmon that claims to improve brain function to a falafel and fattoush salad that keeps blood sugar levels in check, many restaurants in the airport are updating their menus to include feel-good-foods.

Scientists have long studied the connection between diet and mood and it appears that what we eat really does impact how we feel.

In 2010, researchers in Australia found that teens who consumed an unhealthy diet were 79 per cent more likely to suffer from depression. And countless studies credit carbohydrates and protein for boosting mood-regulating serotonin levels in the body.

But you don't have to buy an expensive meal in the airport lounge to feel good during your travels. Professional traveller Samantha Brown suggests exploring without an agenda to reduce stress while away from home. And when it comes to your mood, you can pack food too. Below we list 10 foods you can pack for your flight or eat when you land.

10 Foods For A Happy Mood Boost
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