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Alberta Reacts To Budget Deficit On Twitter

The recent announcement by Finance Minister Doug Horner that Alberta maybe looking at a budget deficit as large as $3 billion this year has touched a nerve with many Albertans.

While some see it a flashback to deficits in Alberta from the 1980's, others argue that poor management by Premier Redford's government is to blame.

Many reacted to the news on Twitter, and while some poked fun at the government, others asked Alberta to increase its profit from royalties to balance the budget. Find more reactions to the budget announcement below and tell us what you think at Huffington Post Alberta.

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@LeighPatrick $3 billion deficit. Those of you who had the audacity to elect #wrp MLAs should be prepared. You're about to lose some stuff. #abpoli #abgov

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@CarletonPlace Boom and Bust in Alberta. Repeat of the 1980's could be on its way #cdnpoli #Abpoli

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@Nolanappraiser Alberta needs to be able to recall politicians #ableg #abpoli #wrp

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@AlbertaDoug The 0.05 BAL brought to you by the PC's (blew 16 billion) & deficit multiplies over the summer #ableg #abpoli

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@TarSandsTwat RT @jody_macpherson: Are the Alison Redford Tories poor planners, or just plain spiteful? #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli via @WildroseShannon h ...

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@Argthemuse Know I am not the only Albertan feeling like it's the 'same old, same old'.Ralph w/b so proud. #ableg #abpoli #justsaying #budgetbaloney

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@shawna_dennis RT @Libslikdik: @DonMartinYEG loving the "Alice in plunderland" that should stick #ableg #pcaa #abpoli #canpoli

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@hiltonjohn Three billion-dollar deficit and public denied access to details. What banana republic am I in? #abpoli #wrp

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@JoeAlbertan @Premier_Redford only people with something to hide, hide things. Budget info??? #ableg #abgov #abpoli #wrp #pcaa

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@DonMartinYEG @Libslikdik I've taken to calling it Das budget von Alice im plündern-land. Which I think has a certain ring... #wrp #yeg #yyc #abpoli

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@iSellRedDeer RT @ABTaxPayer: ABgov disrespect for public now in finance.Already shown to vulnerable-resource mgt-consultation. #ableg #abpoli #wrp

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@JerMcconnell If our royalties don't cover our prov. costs, then the royalties need to go up. It's OUR resources!! #abpoli #abbudget #yeg #yyc

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