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Alcohol Abuse: Chilling Commercial Depicts How Kids See Us When We Drink

Forget about all those monsters in the closet — parents may have a new monster to worry about: themselves.

A new campaign from Finland that aims to reduce alcohol abuse has created a creepy 60-second commercial featuring some of children's biggest fears — including parents when they're drunk.

Just imagine scary versions of Santa Claus, the grim reaper, a clown, a bloody zombie and a giant rabbit with giant teeth staring at you from a distance, and trust us, you'd be freaked out as well.

The campaign, called "Fragile Children," challenges parents to see how drinking can affect the lives of their children and how scary alcohol abuse may look from their standpoint.

A 2009 study by Minnesota-based addiction treatment centre the Hazelden Foundation found teens were more likely to stay away from drugs and alcohol if their parents were open about it, according to ABC News.

The commercial, created by Finland-based ad agency Euro RSCG is a reminder of how important it is for parents to be positive role models for their kids. Writer Bethany Winkel says parents don't always give themselves enough credit.

"Your kids are watching you, and are modeling themselves after you. Don’t let them down. It is the parents’ job to first of all teach their kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and then help them develop ways to stay away from substance abuse," she said in an article for addiction centre Treatment Solutions.

Does this ad work — or just creep you out? Let us know in the comments below.

Andrew Murie, CEO of MADD Canada, gives us his tips on talking to kids about alcohol.

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