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Alec Baldwin Endorses Wife Hilaria Baldwin's Shutdown Of Instagram Trolls

She's not afraid to block nastiness.

Never mess with moms, especially Hilaria Baldwin.

Days after giving birth to Eduardo, her latest child with actor Alec Baldwin, the 36-year-old writer made time to share both her breastfeeding hustle and a blunt lesson on courtesy with her Instagram followers.

Hilaria Baldwin showed off her parenting skills with a candid selfie on Saturday, cradling her newborn son, nicknamed “Edu,” as he breastfed and she brushed her teeth.

″[Three-and-a-half] days in and we are champs at multitasking,” she wrote, making light of the Herculean tasks she and other veteran nursing mothers accomplish daily.

While the response was largely positive, she apparently received her fair share of negativity for getting real about breastfeeding struggles, as hours later Baldwin posted a message tinged with frustration.

On her Instagram story and later on her profile, the mommy influencer blasted people who felt the need to police how often she posted about her family; she made clear just how little time and energy she’d spend engaging them.

“Let me be really clear about something: I will post here and there about how we are doing,” she wrote on Instagram. “If you send me a comment telling me how much to post or how little, I will just block you.”

She added that it was especially terrible for her loved ones to read bad comments about her son, as the pandemic prevents them from meeting in-person.

Her husband was unequivocally on her side, as he was one of the first to second her decision and also criticize those who harshly judged their family.

“The content of this page is determined by you and you alone ... Block them. This is not a debate,” the long-time actor wrote.

She’s since gone on to show just how unbothered she is by haters, as she’s made regular posts celebrating her kids and fawning over their family’s newest addition.

Fellow celebrity moms like Shay Mitchell know all too well what it’s like to be nit-picked or looked down on for a normal child-rearing activity. Hopefully others who share their baby-feeding times online take a similar approach as Baldwin, as no one needs that negative energy in their lives.

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