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Aliens In Canada: Top 5 Cities To Spot UFOs

Spotting UFOs In Canada

Maybe the little green men really are coming. Canadians certainly seem to think so, anyway.

Canadian UFO sightings in 2012 nearly doubled the all-time record set in 2008. There were a staggering 1,981 reports of unidentified flying objects compared to 2008's 1,004 sightings.

Here are the top five Canadian cities, in order of most UFO reports:

1. Winnipeg

Reported UFO Sightings: Top 5 Canadian Cities

Manitoba-based UFO research group UFOlogy has conducted the survey for the past 24 years, trying to track Canadians' experiences with unidentifiable flying objects.

At a time when movies like "Star Trek Into Darkness" and "Man Of Steel" are piquing the public's interest in extraterrestrial beings, and Canadians from coast-to-coast are heading outdoors in greater numbers, it's no surprise that summer is the most popular month for UFO sightings.

Coinciding with this, a new, two-hour documentary entitled "Aliens: A Definitive Guide" is set to air on Discovery on Sunday, June 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT in Canada. This Canada-U.K. joint production studies the opinions of real scientists about the existence of aliens and what they might look like, from the versions presented in all those summer blockbusters to the scientific proposals of what they may resemble.

As posited by scientists in "Aliens: A Definitive Guide," alien lifeforms may have been crashing into Earth for eons, buried in meteorites, and that opens up a whole new area of speculation and investigation about our history, human or otherwise, and what alien lifeforms may have already affected or advanced it.

Did you know:

  • 78 percent of Canadians think extraterrestrials are out there.
  • 55 percent of Canadians think otherworldly beings have been to our planet.
  • 10 percent of Canadians say they've already seen a UFO.
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