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Alt-Right Posters In Edmonton Promote White Nationalism

People have been defacing the posters to show it's not ok.

Edmontonians were shocked to find racist posters promoting white nationalism posted around the downtown core Monday morning.

The posters proclaimed "It's Only Racist When White People Do It," and "Tired of Anti-White Propaganda? You Are Not Alone."

The posters also featured links to various websites and YouTube channels connected to the "alt-right" movement.

Jesse Lipscombe has been working to combat racism in Edmonton after he was verbally attacked for being black in August. He told the Edmonton Journal the posters highlight the need for more conversations about racial intolerance.

"It definitely has alt-right flavour...but nobody’s culture needs to be wiped out and that’s not happening," he said. "If you have a conversation, that’s the first step toward healing anything."

Matt Edmonds told Metro News that he's been defacing the offensive signs by writing "this is laughable" or "nope" on them.

"Silence is just a form of agreement," he told the newspaper. "If I were a person of colour, I’d want to see people resisting this."

Another person also posted images of defaced posters.

This is not the first time posters linked to the alt-right have appeared in Canada.

Similar signs were spotted near a Toronto elementary school earlier this month.

Local city councillor Janet Davis called those posters "abhorrent."

"The American election and Trump's hate speech has given legitimacy to these types of organizations. It's very frightening," she told the East York Mirror. "It's very troublesome that the Trump election has unleashed this kind of hate."

A number of high-profile racist incidents in Edmonton have made headlines this year. Anti-Sikh posters distributed on the University of Alberta campus have prompted warnings from police, and both Lipscombe and cyclist Bashir Mohamed have been victims of racial slurs hurled from passing vehicles.

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