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2019 AMA Outfits That Could Double As Holiday-Party Looks

Let Dan Levy, Christina Aguilera and Shania Twain show you the way.

A fun thing to think about, when you’re really bored, is how celebrity red-carpet fashion might translate into the real world. What might happen if you wore J. Lo’s legendary 2000 Grammys dress to a friend’s party? What about dressing up in matching denim with your partner to go out to dinner, à la Britney and Justin? Would you go out for a birthday in Lil’ Kim’s 1999 MTV VMA outfit, complete with a violet pasty covering your left nipple?

If your answer to any of these is yes, we salute your bravery. It seems safe to say that celebs’ red-carpet wear might not work at real-life events all that often.

But that may not apply when it comes to Sunday night’s American Music Awards. For a show that took place in late November, there seemed to be quite an enthusiastic nod to holiday fashion.

From the excess of glitter, to the bright red dresses, to the tulle and the Whoville hairdos, we just have to ask: Would you wear any of these AMA outfits to your holiday party?

We’re serious here: some of them would really work. Take a look at the outfits in the gallery below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Paula Abdul

What If You Wore These AMA Red Carpet Outfits To Your Holiday Party?

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