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Amanda Bynes Piercing: Actress Shows Off Cheek Jewelry Via Twitter (PHOTO, VIDEO)

LOOK: Amanda Bynes Piercings: Hot Or Not?

In the latest saga of Amanda Bynes' increasingly odd behaviour, the former Nickelodeon star once again has taken to Twitter to better show off her cheek piercings.

Sporting two diamond studs on either side of her face, she paired her cheek piercings (or 'dimple piercings') with enormous sunglasses and a toque, and, on another occasion, with a curly blond wig and fake nails.

The 26-year-old starlet has been posting a flurry of random and nonsensical tweets lately, including pictures of her socks (appropriately captioned 'SoCks'), her thoughts on rocking the 'Incest Face' (whatever that means) and how she's invented catch-phrases we've never heard of ('Ily & lololol.')

Aside from her dramatic makeover and her strange behaviour on social media, Bynes has also had her share of legal trouble lately -- she's been charged with several DUIs and there's been speculation of drug use.

While her behaviour may be odd, Bynes isn't the only celeb sporting studs; in fact, Hollywood seems to be big on poking holes in creative places.

Check out the slideshow of other celebs who love body jewelry below, and tell us what you think: are piercings cool?

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