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Amazing BookTube Channels To Suit Every Reading Personality

15 BookTubers To Suit Your Reading Personality

Book enthusiasts: if you don’t know what BookTube is, you seriously want to. BookTube is the cute punny name given to the reading community on YouTube, and while we don't want to take away from your reading time, it is seriously addictive.

On YouTube, BookTube personalities are best known for their quirky tag videos, book hauls, book reviews, bookshelf tours, discussion videos and more. Our personal favourite? Reading routine videos.

There’s something about watching someone getting comfy on a big chair to read that makes us want to curl up in our office chairs with our book and a cup of tea.

These tech-saavy readers lean to the younger side, representing how this generation's young adults are consuming books. But don't be fooled by their age. These young readers are incredibly well-versed in both young adult fiction and adult fiction. They eloquently analyze and discuss literature in a way that's universal — not to mention, completely engaging.

And we know, you may not even like taking book recommendations from friends. Reading really is one of those deeply personal things where we all have certain types of books that we will read, and won’t read. Fortunately, there is a book channel (or two) for every book nerd, and here they are:

Raleen reads whatever she wants, whenever she wants and that’s why we love her. She is the epitome of a miscellaneous book channel. She enjoys various genres, so her gut never fails her when she’s picking a book.She loves offbeat, quirky books that you may not ever hear of if you don’t visit her channel — which you should.

Riccio is best known for her humourous and excitable nature. She is loud and animated, making her perfect for YouTube. Riccio’s reading tastes are vast, meaning she will read whatever she is in the mood to read whether it be fantasy, contemporary, supernatural, you name it. Her reading taste is as sporadic as she is. Oh, and her skit videos are on point.

If you’re a fan of fantasy or sci-fi, this is the channel for you. Lindsey reads at a rate that seems inhuman, but her weekly wrap-ups keep us updated on most recent tomes. She never fails to unveil the best (and less-than-the-best) of the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Her enthusiasm is so contagious it’s impossible not to get excited at the prospect of new books to dive into.

LiteraryMax (WellDoneBooks)

Max reads novels, plays, short stories and graphic novels, but literary fiction is his signature. On Max’s channel you can expect eloquent literary criticism on a wide variety of works. We love hearing Max’s well flushed out thoughts on great works like Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch.” If you love literary fiction, or want to know where to start in the genre, this is the channel for you. If you pick up a book at Max’s recommendation, know that you are in for a treat.

HistoricalRegan (Peruse Project)

Regan enjoys both adult and young adult novels, especially when they are historical fiction, fantasy or better yet, both. Her favourite is historical fiction that takes place in Russia, or a fantastical world modelled after Russia like in Leigh Berdugo’s Grisha Trilogy. We love Regan for her impeccable book taste and the way she effortlessly conveys her thoughts and feelings about the books she reads. Regan spices up her channel with fashion hauls and a recommendation series where she narrows down the best books of her favourite genres.

Caitlin will read a book from any genre with one condition — that it features a romance. Whether characters are star-crossed lovers or suffering the dreaded love triangle, Caitlin’s on it. Expect a wide array of recommendations of different young adult and new adult romance novels from Caitlin, whether it's set in our world, a fantasy world, or a supernatural one. She’ll also supply plenty of tips for your DIY needs while she’s at it.

WanderlustSasha (ABookUtopia)

Sasha reads a wide variety of books, but since she experienced the magic that is “Outlander,” she has become the channel to go to if you’re looking for books that take place in various countries — especially Scotland. Come to satisfy your wanderlust, but stay for her love for aliens, fantasy and everything book nerd. And also Ansel Elgort.

HeartwarmingJenny (Jellafy)

When Jenny reads, she tends to have a lot of feelings. She always manages to find the most emotionally draining of historical fiction, contemporary and fantasy. Read “The Storied Life of A.J. FIkry” or “All The Light we Cannot See,” and you will understand. She also has epic editing skills, which makes watching her sketch videos a cinematic experience.

Jamie will try any book. Whether it’s fantasy or romance, she’ll take it on. The Canadian native’s particular favourites, however, are sweet and quirky contemporary novels equipped with adorably awkward characters and heartwarming relationships. Jamie shares her channel with her fiance, Jeff, who reads primarily fantasy but has a yearly challenge to read books she’s picked out. Jamie’s Miranda Sings impression alone is worth a visit, and their chemistry on camera is palpable. And by chemistry, we mean their adorable bickering.

Dylan is incredibly innovative with his channel. His editing skills make each of his videos stunning to watch and his broad knowledge makes him great to listen to. His book preferences are reflected in how he manages his content. Dylan goes for off-beat and interesting books that stand out from others. Books like Brom’s “The Child Thief” and Andrew Smith’s “Grasshopper Jungle” are examples of the original and engrossing tales Dylan likes to feature.

Comics, graphic novels you name it, Priscilla reads them all — or at least a lot of them. The Canadian YouTube personality was one of the first BookTubers and is the inspiration for many who have followed. If you want to start getting into graphic novels or comics, TheReadables is the channel to turn to for some stellar recommendations and discussion. As if we didn’t love her enough, Priscilla also does a “top 5” video every Wednesday for subscribers to look forward to.

Regardless of book genre, if it interests Jesse, then he will read it and tell us about it. He won’t commit to one genre because he just loves them all. He is passioante about reading and will make sure you know about any book that sounds like it will be a fun adventure with exciting characters. His animated and goofy nature makes him relatable and entertaining to watch.

Canadian Ariel Bisset has a lot to say about literature. Whether she’s talking about themes or controversial topics, Ariel is well-spoken and composes intricate arguments. If you already know what you want to read, Ariel is the perfect person to watch and to help you reflect on what you’ve read. She's basically a book club cheatsheet.

Catriona is colourful for more reasons than her red hair. As a BookTuber she dabbles in all genres of both the YA and adult variety. You never quite know what she’s going to read next because her interests are that varied. She usually goes for books with incredibly vivid covers — in her case, judging a book by its cover goes a long way. She also does plently of read-alongs, perfect for readers who need a bit of a push to keep going.

John and Hank Green are YouTube (and BookTube) veterans. You may know John for being the writer behind that indie book "The Fault in Our Stars" that’s starting to make small waves in the publishing and film industry. We don’t blame you if you haven’t heard about it.

VlogBrothers is a space for science, books, and general discussion on important topics. It’s is the perfect channel for those who want to educate themselves on books and topics other than literature. The duo are informative in every facet and always have incredible book recommendations to share.


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