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Amazing Race Canada 2013 Destinations: Where Did They Go In Episode 2?

Pender Street leading through the Millennium Gate in Vancouver Chinatown with the Sun Tower in the background.
Pender Street leading through the Millennium Gate in Vancouver Chinatown with the Sun Tower in the background.

If the second episode of The Amazing Race Canada seemed more like the Amazing Race Vancouver, that's because the show looks like it has shifted from its province-hopping ways to focus on one city per episode.

This week's destination? Vancouver, or as the show's host, Jon Montgomery, called it: "the supermodel of North American cities." Vancouver often racks up accolades as the most livable (albeit expensive) city in North America, but also as a place that doesn't know how to have fun.

That's not to say this week's episode wasn't entertaining, but when you've got destinations like a convention centre and shipping yards instead of camera-friendly lakes and provincial parks, the city's "no fun" reputation starts creeping up. Still, what this week's episode lacked in natural beauty, it made up for in culture with contestants running (and skating) around in circles in Vancouver's historic Chinatown and the Richmond Olympic Oval.

For a recap of this week's drama, check out HuffPost Canada TV's review here and for a look at this week's destinations, check out the gallery below.

The Amazing Race Canada 2013 Destinations. Slideshow text follows for mobile readers.

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The Amazing Race Canada 2013 Destinations

Olympic Oval

The 2010 Winter Olympics are a distant memory but this Olympic facility is still home to athletes and the odd reality-show contestant who wipes out while speed skating. Located in Richmond B.C., the Olympic Oval now functions as a mixed sports centre complete with two Olympic-sized ice rinks, eight hard-wood ball courts, a gymnasium and 200-metre long track. When the Oval isn't attracting athletes, it can be seen from the skies flying into Vancouver. The building also gets two green thumbs up from architects for its unique roof, which was fashioned out of wood killed by B.C. pine beetles.

Millennium Gate

Viewers may know it as the spot that gave some contestants trouble, but this massive gate serves as the official entrance to Vancouver's Chinatown. The gate is decorated with Western and Eastern symbols and scriptures and stands as a testament to Vancouver's multiculturalism. As for Vancouver's Chinatown, it earns international recognition as the largest Chinatown in Canada.

DP World Vancouver

The thought of visiting a shipping yard may not generate a lot of excitement for travellers or viewers (understandably), but DP World Vancouver generates a hefty amount of revenue. Those less fascinated with the intricacies of global shipping at marine terminals will want to scale the two post-panamax container cranes or the 19 gantries (think long, elongated horse shoes with pulleys) which can stack shipping containers up to 8,000 feet high.

Vancouver Convention Centre

It may be situated in one of Canada's largest urban centres but this convention centre prides itself for its eco-friendly behaviour. Located on Vancouver's waterfront, the Vancouver Convention Centre blends greenery and great planning with a six-acre "living roof," which is made with thousands of indigenous plants and collects rainwater for irrigation. Nearby sea water is used for heating and cooling the building and there's even a fish habitat built into the foundation.

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