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American Apparel Puts Pubic Hair On Their Mannequins In Bid For Valentine's Day Push (PHOTOS)

These Mannequins Have Pubic Hair (For Real)

It would be too easy to make a bush joke out of this situation.

American Apparel (the company known for their provocative and a bit sexist advertisements) got the Internet talking again when photos of their unique store mannequins hit the Web.

Gothamist spotted a New York store's mannequins decked out with pubic hair (for reals) and documented the reaction of passers-by, who were "laughing." (No mention of whether these potential customers went into the East Houston Street store and bought the sheer undies which proudly showed off said bush.)

To figure out whether it was a joke or not (because you just never know in these prank-worthy times), our U.S. colleagues spoke with an associate at the store, who said that the mannequins went up early Thursday morning and were supposed to represent the "rawness and realness of sexuality" and help push sales for Valentine's Day. Note to boyfriends/husbands/lovers: Maybe it's just easier to get your significant other some flowers and chocolate?

But we're not surprised that the controversial American retailer is pushing the proverbial envelope: The company ruffled some feathers when they released a shirt illustrated by artist Petra Collins which featured a graphic of a woman's vagina while on her period and they are constantly being accused of exploiting women and sexualizing children in their advertisements which led to their ads being banned in the UK. (Let us also never forget the ad that clearly showed a young woman's pubic hair while modeling sheer panties.)

So, what do you think of these mannequins? Do they make you want to buy American Apparel underwear?

American Apparel isn't the only company who likes to shock:

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