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Ann Taylor Loft Removes Part Of Model's Waist In Epic Photoshop Fail

Photoshopped thigh-gap? Pfft, that's nothing compared to the latest airbrushing disaster, courtesy of Ann Taylor LOFT.

In the photo (which has since been removed), the young (and quite thin) woman poses with an arm over her stomach, and while her hips are all there, a part of her waist is completely removed!!

Jezebel notes that this isn't the first time Ann Taylor has boggled our minds with their head-scratching Photoshop jobs. Older advertisements show models who are noticeably slimmed down with unrealistic results.

Of course, the retailer isn't the first (and probably not the last) fashion company to over-use Photoshop. A dress company digitally altered (poorly, we might add) a model's waist to make it look even more slim and Ralph Lauren Photoshopped a model to Barbie-like proportions.

When will the Photoshop insanity end??

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