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22 Tasty Foods That Are A Pain In The Butt To Eat


Hard shells, messy fingers and things caught in between your teeth: not all foods are a pleasure to eat.

Now while it may be easier to skip out on sloppy barbecued chicken wings or hard-to-open pistachios, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy the delicious foods summer has to offer. By simplifying how you prep and eat these foods, you can easily avoid both the mess and the fuss. For example, if you're constantly struggling with cutting up fruits with hard shells, try soaking them in water first.

This list isn't meant to steer you away from eating these foods, but rather to teach you how to make them more pleasurable to eat. And while some of these foods may never have a solution, like powdered doughnuts for example, it's also a fun way to share some of your favourite food hacks below.

Here are 22 of our top picks of the most annoying foods to eat and how to make them a lot less annoying: Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below:

Candied Apples

22 Of The Most Annoying Foods To Eat

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