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Anonymous: Vic Toews Targeted Again In Operation VicTory After Liberal Staffer Behind Vikileaks' Ouster (VIDEO)

Anonymous has released a new video threatening retaliation against Vic Toews after the ouster of the Liberal staffer behind the Vikileaks Twitter account.

As part of Anonymous' ongoing OperationVicTory, the group released a video titled "Vic Toews vs. Twitter II - The Internet Strikes Back" Thursday night in which a computer-generated female voice, backed by dramatic music, threatens to release new information about the Public Safety Minister. The video denounces plans to bring former Liberal staffer Adam Carroll before a Commons committee to question him about his role in the Vikileaks affair.

"Fellow Canadians, our own government is attempting to intimidate its citizens from not engaging in legal forms of protest by using their power to have them forced from their jobs and called before parliamentary committees."

Anonymous also attacks the Liberal party for allegedly forcing Carroll to resign. "The Liberal party has either fired or forced out the individual behind the Vikileaks account, despite the fact that they committed no crime, in a shameful act of political cowardice."

It urges Canadians to use all possible non-violent means to strike back at those who "seek to intimidate us into silence," citing the successful campaign against the Tories online surveillance Bill C-30, which led the to the legislation being sent to committee early where it will likely be revised.

Interim Liberal Leader Rob Rae admitted last week that Liberal staffer Adam Carroll was behind the Vikileaks Twitter account, which released private information regarding Toews' divorce. Rae said he had accepted Carroll's resignation and apologized to Toews.

Anonymous has been waging an ongoing campaign against Toews and the Tory online surveillance bill. If Thursday's video is any indication, it seems unlikely the attacks will stop any time soon.


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