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Anti-Feminist Ad Turns Up In Toronto Subway, Asks 'How's Feminism Working For You?'

These claims are ridiculous.

An anti-feminist sticker from a men's right group was spotted in a west-end Toronto subway station on Thursday.

The image, which was uploaded on Instagram by user Andrew Cameron, features a series of questions to women, ending with the tagline: "How is feminism working for you?"

Cameron, who took the picture, shared his own thoughts on the issue in the caption: "Fuck this shit. Honestly. I get it. Men have issues too. Don't be such a huge, bitter asshole about it. You're no different from the people in that 'rally' that waited for the bigoted marriage rejecting judge to get out of jail. Recognize how destructive you are ffs. #misogyny disguised as #activism."

The sexist questions on the sticker, which is credited to A Voice For Men, target everything from women paying condo fees to being 30 and unmarried.

Now, we've seen lots of sexist advertising in the past, but nothing as ridiculous as these claims. Assuming all women want the same things and making assumptions about their finances or decisions around marriage is just plain lazy. On top of this, blaming feminism for these supposed "outcomes" isn't accurate, either.

According to Cameron, the stickers have been taken down.

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