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Apartment Bulldog In DC Is The Best Reason To Rent Ever

An apartment building in Washington, DC, is making every non-committal renter's dream come true. In addition to boasting a private gym, free Wi-Fi and a basketball court, 2M is offering residents the one thing everyone wants: a bulldog puppy.

But before anyone get concerned about free dogs being given away, let's be clear. This is a communal bulldog, Emmy, who lives with the building's property manager, Doug Crawford, according to

Residents in the building are encouraged to come by to give Emmy a walk, or just play with her, providing the perfect opportunity for young people to become dog aunts and uncles. You know, the kind that get to enjoy the pet, but give it back to her loving dad at the end of the day.

The very pet-friendly building (they have a private dog park) isn't shy about letting would-be renters in on this perk either. On Emmy's extensive Instagram page, she invites in new residents to come check her (and the building) out.

And it's a positive thing for everyone. Therapy dogs have long been shown to help relieve stress, while bulldogs are known to be a particularly social, gentle dog breed that loves kids.

Who wouldn't want to come home to that?

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