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April Fools Day Pranks To Play On Kids In School

Students relish April Fools' Day.

All year, some students love to ridicule teachers, making life difficult for them. Many don't remember that April 1 is an unofficial payback day for teachers. They wait ALL year for this.

Here are a few pranks teachers can pull on their students for April Fools' Day.

The classic Poisson d'Avril trick
Jean-Francois Savoie
If someone asks for help on an assignment, go over, pat them on the back, then stick a paper fish there using some tape. Just like in Quebec.
Rolling Earthquake Drills
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Have the principal turn on the earthquake signal once every half hour. Tell all the kids to get down and cover their heads. Walk out of the room and switch places with another teacher, pretending nothing has changed. They'll know something's up, but they'll still be confused.
Talk But Say Nothing
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Start teaching by moving your lips but let no sound emerge from them. See how long you can keep this up. Then, on April Fools' Day proper, hit the students with a pop quiz based on the things you DIDN'T say.
Fake Spelling Test
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Surprise your students with a quiz and make sure the first letter in each word spells out "April Fool." THEN let them know that the test didn't count at all. H/T
The Quarter Trick
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Run a coloured pencil around the edges of a quarter. Then dare a student to run it from their forehead all the way to the edge of their nose without dropping it. Tell them if they manage to do it, they can keep the quarter. Then laugh as the student volunteers walk down the hallway with lines down their faces. H/T Reddit
You All Failed
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Post students' grades. But before you do that, weigh the most recent test as 90 per cent of a student's mark and ensure they all failed it. The sheet should read "F" for every single student. Some will catch on, but it will certainly give the high achievers a scare.

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