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The Internet's Funniest April Fool's Jokes Of 2017

Trust no one.

What is April Fool's Day in a fake news world? If you found yourself asking that question today, you definitely weren't alone.

Despite the risks, the Internet abounded with plenty of hilarity — and yes, plenty of pitfalls for those willing to believe pretty much anything.

But as musician Jay Kuo put it on Twitter:

So why not enjoy it?

Here are the jokes we loved this year:

Look Netflix, if you're going to offer us 48 minutes of Will Arnett narrating sensory experiences like parking a car or watching a fire crackle, who are we to argue with you? Available now on the Netflix homepage (if you have an account), with no indication when it's expiring.

Feeling particularly lazy and in need of KFC? The Canadian arm of the company has got you covered, with a "smart bucket" (available for order on and everything) that allows you to order via voice control. The bucket also promises to learn your habits and dining preferences, which won't make you feel judged at all.

We'll admit, this isn't the greatest prank, because we didn't believe it for a second. But we appreciate the PM getting into the spirit of things (in a decidedly on-brand way), so there are points for trying.

And then he even managed to make us LOL, with this one:

This one's a double header, because it's an excellent joke on the part of the porn site, and anyone who shares it is basically proving their point entirely.

Burger King released a video a few days ago revealing how to get "the Whopper taste in your mouth" at all times, and people were immediately suspicious. But considering there are legitimately pickle and champagne toothpaste flavours out there, it almost seemed plausible.

Offered in the U.K. and Ireland, this gin spa via the mass coupon company promises to steam you using gin infused with botanicals. It's like a retox instead of a detox, and we're kind of into it.

And then there was the one so many wished was true — George Takei running for office. The actor and activist "announced" his candidacy early on April 1, but quickly revealed it was a joke, albeit one meant to help his choice for congressman, Jon Ossoff, get a bit more attention.

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