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Best April Fools' Pranks From Around The World

Maybe you fitted plastic wrap over the toilet seat, or maybe you switched out the sugar for salt. Or maybe, like the Royal Canadian Mint did in 2008, you tell the CBC that you're planning to roll out a $3 coin called the 'threenie'. April Fools' pranks range from the mundane to creative, but we've decided to round up some of the most original we've seen so far today. We'll add to this list as the day goes on.

Malibu wants you to lick your phone

In perhaps the cruelest prank we've seen, Malibu invited visitors to its site to try out its new 'mobile tasting app', which would allow you to try out cocktails by licking the screen on your phone. Not only is this impossible, but it also makes us think of summer cocktails. Mmm, summer.

Google Maps Pokémon Masters

This one takes us back to our childhoods. Google is seeking Pokémon Masters to catch all the Pokémon that have been hidden throughout Google Maps.

One Twitter user posted a photo of Pokémon he found in the middle of Sydney, Australia.

Lionel Richie chocolate head

Lovers of both easy listening music and sweets will be disappointed to learn that a listing on British lifestyle product site Firebox for a milk chocolate head of Lionel Richie is not actually for sale.

[Editor's note: Inspired by the classic video for 'Hello', of course]

WestJet rolls out new time system

In a very Canadian prank, WestJet announced to its customers via YouTube that it is converting to "metric time". Vice-President Communications Richard Bartrem very calmly explains the switch in this hilarious video.

Cheetos perfume?

Just in case you missed the smell of that bright orange dust that always stuck to your fingers, Cheetos has launched a new fragrance for April Fools' called "Cheeteau".

CERN makes a big announcement

Font enthusiasts might cringe at this prank from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which announced April 1 that it would be using exclusively Comic Sans for all of its communications.

Nenshi's big new purchase

Everyone loves the affable Naheed Nenshi, and now we love him even more. In an editorial published in the Calgary Sun, the city's mayor announced he had bought the paper off its previous owner, Quebecor president Pierre-Karl Peladeau. "The Calgary Sun was owned by a separatist — but not any longer", Nenshi writes. The Huffington Post Canada has no way of verifying whether the author of the post is actually Nenshi, but whoever wrote it has done a very good job of imitating his style. Also, the whole thing is hilarious.

Canada isn't pleased with U.S. beer offering

A post on the Canadian Olympic Team's website announces Canada's decision to "politely decline" the two cases of beer the U.S. sent to Canada as part of an Olympic hockey bet, which the U.S. lost.

"We were a little disappointed to be honest," said Canada's ambassador to Washington, Gary Doer in the fictitious release.

“My staff and I kind of looked at each other thinking, ‘I thought we were getting beer, eh.’ We had no idea what to do with this mishmash of boiled homegrown honey.”

The joke press release also noted that Canadian embassies stock 'sorry' cards for whenever diplomatic employees need to "back out of anything".

Fido is changing up its mascot

The cellular company regularly features dogs in its commercials, but this April Fools' Day Fido announced a big shift in its branding.

TTC has a new funding plan

Fear not, users of Toronto's underfunded and overused public transit system. The TTC brass has a plan. Watch the video below.

The 'slablet'

Tablets may be shrinking, but a U.K. online grocery retailer thinks they need to be bigger. Ocado Technology has launched the 'sLablet', the world's first 42-inch tablet.

B.C. university's 'out of this world' experience

Students at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C., will be sad to learn that the school is not actually opening its newest "satellite" campus in space, but a joke promo video for the university's 'Semester in Space' program looks pretty authentic.

Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne fight over Canada's soul

In one of the funnier stunts we saw, the songstresses fought over who was more famous in Canada.

Canada welcomes maple syrup agreement

International Trade Minister Ed Fast issued a news release Tuesday morning that said the World Taffy Organization (WTO) had recognized Canadian maple syrup as being "essential to worldwide happiness," CBC News reported.

The organization voted unanimously to recognize the product as a "natural life-sweetener."

"This is one sweet deal for hard working Canadians and consumers in every region of the country," Fast said in a statement.

Dawson Creek capitalizes on '90s popularity

The city of Dawson Creek in B.C.'s north did the inevitable and won approval to change its name to Dawson's Creek, after the popular 1990s television drama series of the same name, the Alaska Highway News reported.

"Dawson’s Creek is a well-recognized brand across North America, and there is a huge benefit to the community of leveraging that brand," Mayor Dale Bumstead told the newspaper.

Anonymous hacks Deadmau5's Twitter account

Canadian DJ Deadmau5 temporarily lost control of his own Twitter account when it was overtaken by hacking group Anonymous.

Of course, Deadmau5 let all his fans know that the whole thing was a big joke, in the only way that Deadmau5 knows how.

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