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Arrowhead Ice Skating Trail In Muskoka Allows Canadians To Skate Through The Forest

Especially when you can explore it by torchlight.

You're not Canadian until you've skated through a forest in the dead of winter.

Luckily, Ontario has a place where you can do that.

Arrowhead Provincial Park's Ice Skating Trail is a weather-dependent attraction that allows people to skate for 1.3 kilometres in a beautiful Muskoka forest setting.

And it's approaching its 2016 opening, if recent social media posts are any indication.

UPDATE: As of Jan. 15, 20156, the trail is open!

The skating trail opened in 2012, and Tourism Muskoka now says it's become "one of the province's most sought after winter 'bucket list' experiences." Thousands of people skated on it last year, The Toronto Star reported.

It usually operates from January to March, depending on how cold it is. You can skate the trail during the day, or even at night by torchlight.

The trail is reminiscent of the "Edmonton Freezeway," a pilot project skating track that opened in Alberta's capital city at the end of December.

One tries to think of a more Canadian way to experience the country's wilderness.

And one fails.

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