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This At-Home Pumpkin Facial Uses 5 Ingredients You Have In Your Kitchen

Something ~hydrating~ this way comes.

As we start to hunker down for the Long Chill, a great piece of advice we’ve received is to think about all the little acts of self-care we can practice during the winter months.

If you need a break from working all the time/Zoom calls/child care/stressing about the pandemic/“Grey’s Anatomy” re-runs/anxiously doing an internet search on whether your cold is COVID-19, take a step back, lock yourself in the bathroom and give yourself a pumpkin facial. Then, don’t leave for an hour, no matter what.

In the video above, by In The Know, host Phoebe explains how to make an easy pumpkin face mask using five ingredients you probably have at home. So, why pumpkin, aside from it being the Halloween season? Well, this winter squash is packed with vitamins and, as it’s composed of 90 per cent water, it will help hydrate your skin.

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