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Music Classes At Home Make For Silly Family Fun In Quarantine

Makeshift band practice is inspiring sweet tunes.

Who needs a drum set when you’ve got a microwave door?

One family weathering school closures and the COVID-19 pandemic at home came to that conclusion while trying to hold band practice for a young trombone player.

Watch the video above to see other hilarious ways the mom finds to makes rhythm. Details on the video’s stars are sparse, but the original appears to be posted by the YouTube account Viral Hog.

Its description states the family is from Oak Ridge, Tenn., and lays out a highly relatable chain of events: The mother, Kat, had been homeschooling her son Tyler for seven days. After cabin fever got the best of them the pair started cooking up beats in their kitchen.

What we do know is that the video is an obvious riff on the 2014 viral hit, “When Mama Isn’t Home,” in which Australian father-son duo Russ and Toby Bauer got creative with the sound of their oven slamming for a drum beat.

Musical activities are helping many families get through their days. Even without instruments, resourceful parents are turning to apps like Garageband to bring out their kid’s inner Beethoven.

Families living in separate households have been going virtual for their socially distant band practices. One artist, whose family plays the quarantine-approved game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” posted on Twitter about arranging a jam session with her mom in the game.

Choir rehearsals are going on strong for families like the Utah-based LeBarons. They’ve been doing socially distant renditions of their favourite musicals with delightful costumes and clever edits that group singers together.

Silly uses of music have been popular too. One family decided Mozart was the perfect soundtrack for what looks like the most chaotic game ever: dodgeball, played with toilet paper and blindfolds.


Day 7 Blindfolded Toilet Paper Dodgeball. This game is actually too much fun!! 😂😂 #Toiletpaperdodgeball #quarantineolympics #toosieslide

♬ Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart

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