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Australian Woman Finds A Bunch Of Frogs In Her Toilet After Flood


Imagine lifting your toilet seat to find this.

According to a now-viral post on Imgur posted on Sunday, an Australian woman had found 37 (well, we counted 37) frogs in her toilet after a recent flood.

Posted by Reddit user everything-idiotic, some of the comments about the creepy sight included, "I believe this is one of the signs of the apocalypse" and "as someone with Ranidaphobia, if that happened to me, i [sic} would be burning my house down."

Seriously, so would we.

According to the Mirror U.K., the New South Wales woman evacuated her home after warnings of flooding in her state. When she returned, she uncovered dozens of green tree frogs chilling in her toilet.

In May, one woman found a baby opossum in her toilet (authorities are still wondering how it got in there), and in the same month, a Thai man was bitten on the penis after a python had crawled into a toilet.

Lesson? Always look in the toilet before you go.

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