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Karla Begley Receives Hateful Letter About Her Autistic Son

Ontario Mom Gets Hateful Autism Letter

Ontario mother Karla Begley is in shock after she received an anonymous offensive letter targeting her autistic son, Max.

The letter called her son a "nuisance" and compared him to a "wild animal". The writer also said that the boy should be euthanized.

The letter's author, who claims to be a "pissed off" mother in the area, complains about the boy's "noise-polluting whaling" (sic) and says the boy "scares the hell out of normal children."

"I was shaking when I was reading it," Brenda Millson, Max's grandmother, told CityNews. She takes care of the boy during the summer and the letter came to her house on Friday.

The letter received international attention after musicians Lennon and Maisy tweeted out a photo of the screed. It has been retweeted more than 5,000 times.

Jim Begley, Max's father, told CityNews that he's worried about his son's safety and that police are investigating the letter. The family will press charges if possible.

Police told the Toronto Star they are investigating and consulting with Crown lawyers to see if the letter broke any laws.

Meanwhile, Begley and Millson's neighbours have rallied around the family. Social media users have also chimed in with dozens using the #Love4Maxwell tag to show their support for the family.

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