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A Photographer Gave Newborns Teeth And It’s Both Hilarious And Horrifying

Cute, or creepy?

Babies With Teeth

Babies may not be born with a sense of humour, but they’re certainly born with a sense of how to make you laugh. Everything a baby does is hilarious, both to you and to them, something you can easily confirm by watching them laugh at literally everything for no reason, which then, probably, makes you laugh, too.

As if they needed a reason to be even funnier — or creepy, depending on how you look at it — some of the world’s latest little citizens now have full sets of perfect adult teeth.

At least, in digitally altered images, they do.

Indiana-based photographer Amy Haehl, who is also an ER nurse, combed through a bunch of images she took of newborn babies and, with the permission of their parents, gave them (via Faceapp, of course) teeth.

You can't unsee this photo by Amy Haehl.
Amy Haehl/Coffee Creek Studio
You can't unsee this photo by Amy Haehl.

“I just did it because I thought it was funny and wanted to spread some laughter,” Haehl told HuffPost Canada. “And make people smile … literally.”

Haehl posted the series of photographs on Facebook in an album titled, “If babies had teeth!”, and has since racked up 42,000 shares. Among the comments are people saying things like, “This was so creepy and hilarious,” or, “I’m going to have a talk with their dentist!”

Whether the images make you incredibly happy or incredibly disturbed, they’re definitely absurd enough to laugh at, and Haehl hopes they achieve a reaction that strays from the cool, detached seriousness it takes today to move through a world filled with enough bad news to make even the funniest babies seem unfunny.

“Sometimes it’s easy to only see politics, negativity and violence in the world,” Haehl told POPSUGAR. “I love to help people see through that as much as I can. I’m a nurse and laughter really is the best medicine!”

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