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Wholesome Dog And Baby Hug Is Getting Us Through The Pandemic

Stop doomscrolling and treat yourself to cuteness.

Taking small breaks for self-care is more important than ever and what better way to remind yourself that life is worth living than with possibly the cutest video ever.

The Instagram account Good News Movement has built a 1.4 million-strong following on staving off despair with wholesome content. Among their latest video offerings is a double whammy of adorableness: A toddler hugging a golden retriever.

″Will you be gentle with him at least,” an unseen person asks the toddler, before stopping themselves because, miraculously, the dog returns the embrace with both paws. And like viewers, the person off-camera was instantly charmed. “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!”

The source for the clip hasn’t been verified, but one Twitter account credits Instagram user Brianna Rowe as the original creator.

And if more such dog-baby cuddling is what you need right now, check out Ontario-born goldendoodle Sampson, who has also melted hearts with his fluffy hugs.

We live in the darkest timeline, but that doesn’t mean every moment has to be stressful. Cute videos like these are a good reminder for anyone who doomscrolls — the tendency to consume only bad news on your social media feeds, as defined by Merriam-Webster — to take breaks.

While it’s important to keep informed on pandemic updates and racial injustice being plugged into only what’s terrible in the world can take a toll on your mental health.

So for your own good, loop these wholesome hugs as many times as you freaking need to!

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