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Baby Halloween Costumes Are Already Here, And They're Too Adorable

Shut up and take our money.

The dwindling days of summer can mean a lot of things to different people.

Back-to-school shopping, for one. The return of the PSL. Looking forward to cozy sweaters, hot cider, and wholesome fall family activities (Lo! Is that a pumpkin patch in the distance?).

But for some people, the promise of autumn means one thing, and one thing only: baby Halloween costumes. Planning them, creating or buying them, setting up photo shoots showcasing them, getting your child to actually wear them — or simply looking up adorable photos of them, whether you have a child or not.

And guys, we have great news: some stores are already carrying their baby Halloween costumes, and this year's are TOO MUCH. TOO MUCH, WE TELL YOU! Prepare your "aww" reflex and sit back for some of the cutest costumes you can throw your money at. Like, actually, just take all our money.

1. Little pineapple


Cuteness level: STOP WE CAN'T.

Available at:Carter's

Bonus: Available up to size 24 months. If you can get your toddler to wear this: Bless.

2. Baby Mario

Party City Canada

Cuteness level: 1-Up

Available at:Party City Canada (online only)

Bonus: Got more than one kid? There's also a Luigi costume.

3. Fox


Cuteness level: INFINITE CUDDLES.

Available at:H&M Canada (online only)

Bonus: The tail is detachable if, you know, your baby just wants to hang out in a wooly jumpsuit all day.

4. Teeny weeny baby mermaid

Buy Buy Baby

Cuteness level: Kittens purring.

Get it at: Buy Buy Baby

Bonus: This set, for the teeniest weeniest little ones, can also double as a newborn photo shoot costume. Or maybe it's a newborn photo shoot costume that doubles as a Halloween costume. Either way, we want three.

5. Little avocado


Cuteness level: We actually died and are writing this from the afterlife.

Get it at:Carter's (online only)


6. Baby owl

Party City Canada

Cuteness level: Byeeee money!

Get it at:Party City Canada (online only)

Bonus: Owl talon booties!

7. Tiger tot


Cuteness level: That baby's smirk just made us pregnant.

Get it at: Walmart

Bonus: See if you can convince your baby to wear the hat as a toque to keep the "aww" flowing all winter.

8. Baby shark


Cutness level:

Get it at: Amazon

Bonus: You're never going to get the song out of your head, anyway, so why not dress your child as the part?

9. Baby peacock

Party City Canada

Cuteness level: Can't see through the tears.

Bonus: The feet have skid-resistant bottoms in case your little bird is a runner.

10. Little skunk


Cuteness level: When a puppy yawns and a little squeak comes out.

Get it at: Carter's

Bonus: An excuse to repeatedly call your child a "little stinker."

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