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Back-To-School Essentials To Make 2020 Less Stressful

Keep your kids healthy and calm this weird school year.
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For parents and elementary school-aged kids, the end of summer is traditionally a time to gather supplies and (in most cases) look forward to the first day back. While nerves are not uncommon for any new school year, September 2020 brings with it an unprecedented level of anxiety, thanks to COVID-19.

This year, while parents are picking out crayon sets and calculators, they also need to think about items that will help keep their children safe, healthy and mentally well, whether their kids will be in a physical classroom, a school pod or a distance-learning scenario.

Here are some of our favourite back-to-school items to get your child kitted out for learning and keep their worries at bay.


Bentgo Kids' Lunch Box

Back-to-School 2020 Gear For Elementary School Kids

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