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Background Checks: Which Home Service Providers Do Canadians Trust The Most? (PHOTOS)


Opening the door for a stranger is one thing, but letting them play with your kids, fertilize your plants and fix your broken sink is another.

A recent survey by Angus Reid and background check provider BackCheck shows that at least three-quarters of Canadians say a criminal record check would influence their buying decision when looking for home service providers.

"Canadians would feel more comfortable hiring someone with a clean record, particularly if that person will be working where you live," founder and CEO of BackCheck Dave Dinesen said in a press release.

But not all provinces are like-minded. Most Canadians surveyed in Alberta think record checks would influence their buying decisions, while Quebec residents didn't care to the same extent -- except in the cases of babysitters and food delivery service providers, according to the survey.

Some sites argue that finding a babysitter, for example, should never be taken lightly. says you should always request identity and criminal record checks before giving a sitter a key and letting stay with your kids. And don't rely on instinct -- former Secret Service psychologist Marisa Reddy Randazzo warns your gut feeling can steer you wrong, so look into a professional check even if you think you're too strapped for time to do one, according to Reuters.

Corrections Canada says at least 10 per cent of Canadians have criminal records, and background checks are increasingly being used in the hiring process by businesses and volunteer organizations.

Would you request a background check for any of these nine service providers? Let us know in the comments below:

9. Landscapers

Who Do Canadians Trust The Most?


Thirty-eight per cent of Canadians believe all landscapers should have a criminal record check before touching any gardening tools.

Food Delivery Services:

Thirty-eight per cent of Canadians also believe any person who delivers food should get a background check as well.


When it comes to giving someone access to your roof, 41 per cent of Canadians think roofers should be researched before hand.

Carpet Cleaner:

More than half of surveyed Canadians (52 per cent) believe that anyone cleaning their carpets should have a background check.


Fifty-three per cent of Canadians believe that carpenters should have a background check before entering their homes.


Broken sink? At least 54 per cent of Canadians feel that plumbers should go through a criminal record check before fixing any faucets.


Canadians also have trust issues with electricians. At least 57 per cent of people believe anyone touching electrical wires should also have a background check.

House Cleaners:

Before grabbing a mop and broom, 76 per cent of Canadians believe that house cleaners should provide a criminal record.


Trusting someone with your kids matters the most to Canadians. At least 93 per cent of people believe that babysitters should provide a criminal record check before getting hired.

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