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Bad Relationship Habits To Break Before The New Year

There's nothing wrong with the two of you ... but here's how to make it even better.

You may think you don’t need to make resolutions for your relationship — after all, it’s humming along just fine. And odds are good you’d classify things with your partner as mostly happy. In 2014, 59.9 per cent of people reported being very happy in their marriage, and 36.6 per cent said they were pretty happy, according to data from the National Opinion Research Centre.

But how can those in the “pretty happy” group bump things up? And what do you do if you’d answer that you’re very happy — and you want to make sure you stay that way? The secret may be in changing some of the bad habits that can creep into a long-term relationship without either partner noticing.

For example, maybe you’ve gone from regular date nights to never doing anything together that doesn’t involve some kind of obligation, whether it’s caring for the kids, cleaning the house, or taking care of the bills. Or perhaps you have a lot of little fights about things that don’t really matter but add up to a lot of days with a dark cloud hanging over them.

The good news is that many of our bad habits aren’t signs of a relationship gone sour, just one that needs a bit of extra thought and care. Here are 11 bad habits that can happen in even good relationships, with expert tips of how to turn them around in 2016.

Thinking Negatively

Bad Relationship Habits

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